The Islander Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge -
Just for Starters   
Exotic Mango Wings
Chicken lovers never had it so good! Marinated in Chef Addie’s own blend of tropical seasonings and fried, these wings are draped in a delectable mango sauce. Popular with Islander regulars. $9.50 
Pineapple Wings (New!)
These sweet and savory wings will have you coming back for more! Covered in Chef Darryl’s special blend of spices, fried, and simmered in a tangy pineapple sauce, these wings are sure to be a hit. $9.50 
Jerk Wings (New!)
Marinated in The Islander’s own jerk spices, these spicy wings are sure to tantalize your taste buds.  Not for the light at heart, these wings offer a super spicy and flavorful taste. $9.50 
Fried Hot Wings (New!)
Some like it HOT! Seasoned with Caribbean peppers and fried to a golden crisp. Get your wings hot or super hot with our homemade pepper sauce. $9.50
Crab Cakes
Made with Jumbo Lump crab meat, light herbs and spices, and fried golden brown. An Islander favorite. $11.00

Fried Shrimp
Peeled and de-veined Jumbo shrimp, seasoned and fried to golden brown perfection. Served with The Islander's special dipping sauce. $10.00
Cabbage Delight
A medley of cabbage, carrots, onions, red and green peppers with tropical spices, this is an Islander original. $6.00

You don't have to go to Trinidad to taste Real Callaloo. Our callaloo is made with the tender baby leaves of the dasheen plant and fresh ochro. A true Trinidadian delicacy!  $5.50
Sweet banana-like strips cooked to perfection. $5.50 
Curried chick peas (garbanzo beans), simmered in a blend of Chef Addie’s own Trinidadian curry sauce. $5.50 
Salt cured codfish blended with island herbs, basil and lime in a batter, fried until golden brown; a mouth watering appetizer. $7.00 
Garden Salad
A medley of fresh garden vegetables topped with a generous portion of honey mustard herbal house dressing. $8.50 
Tropical Salads (Chicken or Shrimp)A medley of tossed fresh garden vegetables and mango. served with a generous portion of honey-mustard, herbal house dressing. Topped with your choice of chicken or shrimp. (Calypso, Pineapple, Curry) Chicken $10.50  Shrimp $12.00
Islander Soup Selection  
Fish Soup                  $7.50
Crab Soup                 $9.00
Oxtail Soup               $8.00
Vegetable Soup         $6.50
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