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Islander Poultry & Meats

The following platters are served with peas & rice or white rice and a choice of one side order (cabbage delight, curry potatoes, garden salad, or the vegetable of the day). 
Where applicable, breast selections add $2.50

Brown Stew Chicken
A Trinidadian favorite, this superb dish comes in pieces of plump marinated chicken in a blend of brown sugar and Chef Addie’s mix of traditional island spices. Cooked down with fresh tomatoes, onions, and simmered slowly until the natural juices flow to make a delicious brown gravy. Hot or not, your choice! $14.50
Curry Chicken
A tribute to Chef Curtis Green; this culinary marriage is just for you. Prepared with home-made curry and other spices imported directly from Trinidad, and expertly done by our talented chef; it’s oh so good! $14.50
Calypso Chicken
“An absolute must!” says Alexander Greely, Food Critic and Writer, The Intowner and Choose from breast or leg quarter of select poultry meaty and tender. Marinated in Chef Addie’s special blend of tropical herbs and spices, then braised over a high flame and draped in calypso sauce made with fresh pimentos, basil parsley and onions. $15.95
Chef Darryl’s Pineapple Chicken
This delicious twist from hot and spicy, to sweet and fruity takes your taste buds on a light cruise to the Caribbean Islands. In a sauce like no other with chunks of pineapple and red and green peppers, you have your choice of succulent breast or leg quarters. $15.95
Oxtail Stew
Meat lovers find this Old World Tradition filling and satisfying. Our oxtail stew is cooked slowly until tender and seasoned generously with herbs from the original Islander Kitchen. Served in a thick meaty sauce. $16.95
Curry Beef
Chunks of tender beef are prepared by Chef Addie in a blend of Trinidadian curries. Delightful and delicious. $16.95
Curry Goat
Only the best will do for this Caribbean Islander favorite. Expertly done and cooked until tender and succulent by Chef Addie and her magnificent blend of tropical curries and spices directly from Trinidad. Your choice goat meat. $16.95
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